I want to know your philosophy

Our BIM values

The best strategy is to situate ourselves in the future we want and bring the present to it, instead of thinking about how we can restrict our desires to current paradigms.

Accept the change. If you accept it, you will be part of the process and you will participate in the construction of the future. If not, you’ll remain stationary.

Recognise and identify your talents to turn them into strengths. Empower team members to channel their abilities and apply them to the areas they require growth. Identifying your staff’s skills is fundamental for the projects to flow.

Search for alliances and be part of a team, not a group of professionals who work together but a real team, in which each member is different because they bring a variety of different skills set to the table.

Without communication there is no possibility of adapting an organisation to change. However, more importantly, there is no communication without active listening. The greatest achievements are achieved thanks to communication. Whilst the biggest failures are due to a lack of communication. With the enormous potential that technology gives us, it would be a shame to throw everything away because we do not adopt a habit as necessary as dialogue.

Maximise the Value. Our concept of productivity is based on maximising the value we deliver to the customer instead of increasing production. That is why our product is handmade and is developed by the best professionals.

Be open. We believe in transparency and free access to information as the backbone of collaboration and collaborative management based on shared decision-making. For this reason, we support open formats, the Open BIM, to also share knowledge and promote sincere relationships with customers and suppliers. Let’s decide together!.

The evolution of the projects and organisations are mainly down the people driving them. All of these people have their own professional and personal needs, desires and expectations. Here, Eloi’s technological experience and Montse’s methodological experience come into play. One of our skills is to create the conditions for a fruitful dialogue in which our interlocutor has a very active role. In fact, one of the phrases that we repeat the most is 'Dare to ask'. This effective conversation allows us to ask the right questions, gather the necessary information, formulate hypotheses and permanently check their validity, until finding the solutions that provide the required value for each project, for each client or for each student.