BIM is not only a tool, it is also a process for generating new business models.

About us

We are a digitalisation consultancy that enables the implementation of BIM in a company.

We were among the first to pronounce these 3 acronyms. And we started doing it for a good reason: BIM is a conversation.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to provide those tools that change the value of the product being offered and turn the construction sector into a more innovative and sustainable industry.


BIM, for us, is also a tool to promote communication, change the channels of access to clients, and the relationship with other professionals involved in the life cycle of a building or infrastructure.


About us


Eloi Coloma


Montse Armengol

Digital Transformation Consultant

Joan Marc Garcés

BIM Manager

Duna Bellmunt

BIM Coordinator

Marco Minchala

Project Manager

Frederic Ballester

BIM Manager

Ivan Pérez

BIM Implementer

Antolí Cámara

Agile Consultant

Jordi Falguera

BIM Manager

Carla Valencia

BIM Manager

Cayetana Desimone

Human BIM Consultant

Pio Puig

Human BIM Consultant

Susanna Miquel

Consultant in digital transformation

Nicola Paltrinieri


Selva Díaz

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on helping our clients to discover their goals, accompany them on their journey and provide them with the help they need.

We adapt to each project, each client and each need so that they can achieve valuable results, change their direction and adapt to new circumstances.

At C+A we provide immediate results, but we always consider the long term, because digitalising a company takes time, thinking about what will come next or how the company will be able to adapt to the changes that will appear over time. And the best way to achieve this is through BIM architecture, Building Information Modeling.

Our digitalisation values

Fast forward

The best strategy is to situate ourselves in the future we want and take the present towards it, instead of thinking about how we can restrict our desires to the current paradigms.

Adaptation to change

Accepting change is synonymous with being part of the process and participating in building the future of your company. There is no better way to participate than by committing to digitalisation.

Recognition and talent

Know your talents to turn them into your strengths. Identify the talents of each member of the team to enhance them and turn them into strengths.

Collaborative culture

Look for alliances and form part of a team, not a group of professionals working together. But in a team in which each member is unique and brings different values to the table.


Dialogue allows you to face any challenge, which is why at C+A we are committed to communication as a potential tool, so that technology thrives in your company.


Our concept of productivity is based on maximising the value we offer to our clients. For this reason, our BIM model is developed by the best professionals.


We encourage open formats, OpenBim, to share knowledge and promote honest relationships with customers and suppliers.

We encourage you to decide together!

Attention to people

We do not approach demand analysis as a fixed snapshot, but as something living and dynamic. For us, it is a continuous process of continuous improvement. And this is where C+A’s technological and methodological expertise comes into play.


BIM is not only a tool, it is also a process of generating new business models.

BIM generates new tools that change the value of the product on offer, it implies changes in communication channels, in the resources required, in the channels of access to clients and also in the relationship with other professionals involved in the life cycle of a building or infrastructure.