We are a consulting company specialized in technological innovation processes into the construction sector.

What we do

At C+A we accompany you throughout the entire process so that you can always have the support you need on the road to digitising your business model.

Our services

We work in consultancy, training and project management for all companies, institutions and organisations in the construction sector that want to digitalise their business.

BIM implementation

Our speciality is Bimness™, we apply BIM adapted to the business model of our clients.

We help those organisations that want to go digital through the implementation of this methodology. How do we do it? By discovering with our clients how they can improve internally while increasing the added value they can offer to their customers.

On the other hand, we develop the products and services of this organisation, according to the previously agreed objectives. Within this service, we provide training, development of specific software applications, creation of services and implementation of technologies.

Digital Twins implementation

We bring digital assets into the physical world, allowing infrastructures to be monitored, simulated and acted upon from digital interfaces.

Assistance in the direction, management or production of digital twins.

At C+A we specialise in the strategic management of integral asset digitalisation projects. We work on any existing platform, but we are developing our own opensource platform, with the mission of bringing the adoption of digital twins to the sector.

Consulting and advice

We help our clients to successfully complete projects with a high degree of innovation.

When a client takes on a project that involves innovation and needs help to tackle it, we advise them by outlining the strategy to be followed, identifying useful internal resources, providing them with the technical and human resources they do not have and contributing to the monitoring of the project.

The range of possibilities in this service is very wide because it depends a lot on what is needed. Therefore, we fully adapt to the objectives of the project, implementing agile methodologies for its management and development that guarantee that something valuable will always be obtained from the innovation process.

BIM Management and project development

We are specialised in the management of singular projects where BIM plays a key role. Sometimes we also take on information production tasks.

The current level of maturity of BIM requires managing the assignments where it is implemented in an integrated way, which allows us to stop considering BIM as a deliverable and use it as a means to improve the quality of the product delivered to the client.

We establish development strategies hand in hand with the project managers, we coordinate multidisciplinary teams and we act at all levels, both at the level of the contracting authority and the successful bidders.


We develop the content of the training, provide the appropriate trainers and conduct and manage the training itself.

At C+A we train people in different areas.

We have a wide network of trainers, so we are able to train in any competency that our clients require depending on their business model.

We also develop open training programmes, such as the UPC School’s Master’s Degree in BIM Management.

Institutional activity

Coloma+Armengol collaborates with various institutions with the aim of improving the construction sector by digitising it.

We are founding members of the Building Smart Spanish chapter, we are on the technical committee of the Building the Future Commission and we collaborate with the GuBIMcat association.

We regularly participate in conferences and congresses, while seeking to establish synergies between the public and private sectors, as well as the academic and professional world.

For us, the only way to contribute to shaping the future is to be closely connected to the present.