Our presence and global opportunities at the Smart City Expo Congress

Specialists in BIM and Digital Twins


Our participation in the Smart City on November 7, 8, and 9 at Fira Barcelona has been more than just a presence; it has been a deep immersion in international opportunities and connections. During these three days, we have been able to establish various interactions that highlight our commitment to innovation and creating connections with all kinds of companies around the digitization of our sector.

In the busiest days of the fair, we engaged in meaningful dialogues with potential clients from various countries, especially from Europe and Asia. One of the companies with whom we had a lengthy conversation was from Hong Kong, a potential client expressing significant interest in digitizing buildings in their city. Other conversations, such as the one Nicola, a member of the C+A team, had, opened the doors to collaboration with the organization responsible for maintaining infrastructures and buildings throughout Italy. Additionally, we made contact with an Egyptian company seeking a partner in the field of BIM.

Within the Catalan territory, we identified companies with a need to implement Digital Twin. These alliances could be the missing piece that completes our business puzzle.

Surprising recognition and business opportunities

With a prominent presence in the building and infrastructure section, where we were located, we found a relative lack of representation in the BIM field. This positions us as a great opportunity to offer our know-how in this area. Meetings with various nationalities and local companies confirm the demand for the digitization of companies through BIM and Digital Twin.

Another differentiating aspect of C+A is that our services go beyond software tools. Our work, highlighted by specialists like Montse Armengol, emphasizes the importance of human collaboration in the world of BIM and DT. Multidisciplinary collaboration is key, and discovering individual talents within the team is fundamental for lasting success.

Aspects like these have also been appreciated by users who were already familiar with us before the fair. The Smart City has given us the opportunity to have time and space to talk about how we work and our company philosophy. This has allowed us to be more deeply known for potential future collaborations.

On the other hand, the Smart City has become a space for reconnecting with people who already knew us. For example, students and alumni from the BIM Management master’s program that we have been directing for 10 years at UPC School have come to see us, and they are already working in the world of BIM and DT.

Through networking, we emphasize the importance of continuing to learn and connect with experts leading and/or working in this field.


In conclusion, our attendance at the Smart City Expo Congress has exceeded our expectations and has become a great opportunity that we are confident will open doors to new international opportunities and establish us as a key company in the evolution of BIM and DT on a global scale. We are convinced that the connections made will be the foundation for future collaborations and projects in the world of smart cities.