BIM implementation for company Aquatec.




BIM implementation



In 2017, we helped Aquatec, a company specialised in water management, to implement BIM with IDP engineering.

Aquatec is a company specialised in water management. Our work consisted of implementing BIM hand in hand with IDP engineering.

To do this, we developed an extensive analysis of the needs and opportunities for improvement of the organisation, based on a roadmap, drafted by us, which includes various co-creation activities with key people in the company.

The objectives that have based the project, as consultants, have been:

  1. The integration of the company’s key processes, through the transversal structure specialised in BIM engineering, the standardisation of information and the fluid coordination between teams throughout the project.
  2. Improved decision-making in different areas, thanks to the digital information management of each project.
  3. The rationalisation of the Bid and Tender Preparation System, in order to maximise its own potential in the market.
  4. Access to those projects that require a solid mastery of data and model management.